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Infant Program

Our infant program is designed for children six weeks to 18 months of age.  We provide opportunities to help infants gain independence skills as they naturally arise.  We strive to work closely with the parents; building a trusting relationship.  Communication plays a big part in establishing a strong partnership for the children in our care. 
For the younger infants (6wks to approx. 12 months) our main goals are to assist in their realization of developmental milestones.  These milestones include: rolling over, sitting up, pulling up and crawling.
When our infants decide they are ready, and in no particular order, we begin working on:
  • Sitting while eating
  • Self- care ( self-feeding and self-drinking)
  • Walking in the classroom
  • Being gentle
  • Putting their work back where it belongs
  • Development of gross and fine motor skills
  • Development of communication through sign language or words
  • Introduction to the toileting process
Our infant classrooms are designed to stimulate an infant’s natural curiosity without overstimulating and causing chaos in the young mind. The children eat, sleep, and play on their own unique schedules.
Our infant teachers are nurturers at heart. They absolutely love working with the youngest members of our community.  This becomes evident whenever you visit their classrooms.

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