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Early Elementary Program

The six to nine year old curriculum, in Montessori terminology, is called “universal education”.  This means that the curriculum does much to expand the child’s awareness of the world.  Academically, much work is done in the elementary class to support the  discoveries that children make regarding their vision of the whole and the connections between the individual and the larger human family.
Montessori pointed out that the elementary child is sensitive to and curious about other cultures.  It is important to help children develop an understanding of the differences and similarities in other countries and cultures.  In a mixed-age group, differences in ability, maturity, size, and background are routine.  Accommodation is made for differences in learning styles and temperaments by allowing a multitude of choices in work and projects.
In order to encourage independence, organization, self-discipline, and responsibility for their own learning, the children in the six to nine classroom keep a log of their daily work and grow into formulating weekly, monthly, and yearly goals that are organized into work plans.  These are written in consultation with each child and are reviewed weekly.  It serves as a wonderful record-keeping device and supports evidence of real growth.  When children are supported and encouraged individually, they gain the self-respect and self-confidence to hear and accept the contributions of others.