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Spring is right around the corner!

Well, another Mardi Gras celebration has come and gone.  I hope that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a parade.
As we head into spring we have some exciting things that we are working on at the schools.  We are having our Sweetheart Dinners with the families at each school this month.  Hillcrest had theirs on the 12th and University and Lake Forest are having theirs on the 19th.  
In March we would like to have all of our families join us at University enjoying their Chili Cook-off on the 14th.  There will be games and fun and great food for all. If you have a great chili recipe you should join in the competition.  
April will start out with an egg hunt at all of the schools on the 2nd. Please come and enjoy watching the children find their treasures. Later in the month we will have wonderful opportunities at each of our locations for you to experience Montessori .  Even if you attended the last one that we had, I’m certain that you will experience something new. The “Discovery Journey” is a hands-on look at the Montessori curriculum offered at our schools, moving from Toddler through the Pre-school learning community.  The schedule is:  University – April 16th, Hillcrest – April 21st, Lake Forest – April 23rd.  
Visit the event calendar to keep up with what we are planning throughout the year.  Please don’t hesitate to send me suggestions for events or activities that you would enjoy attending.  

From the Desk of Cheryl Marrison…..

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Hello everyone and Happy New Year. I hope that everybody had an enjoyable holiday season.
As I look back on 2014 I am reminded of how blessed I am with the opportunity to work with our Directors, teaching, and support staff. I am sure that you will agree with me when I say THEY ARE WONDERFUL.
For 2015 we want to incorporate more community and social events into our program. Does anyone have any suggestions for community events within your child’s classroom? As a school we are always looking for ways to get the children involved in social activities. Perhaps some of you parents would like to help with planning and preparation. If so, please let your school’s Director know. They are always looking for parent participation.
Please take a look at the “Events” section of our website to see what is already planned for your school. Don’t be shy, we love parent input. If there is something that you think would be engaging and fun please let us know.
One of my other personal goals for 2015 is to help transform areas in our classrooms into having a more home-like atmosphere. I want to add some things such as child sized couches for our reading areas and perhaps some pole lamps. Suggestions for this are also VERY welcome.
Let’s all work together and make 2015 an AWESOME year for the children.

“The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.” ~ Maria Montessori

Way to Go University! 

There are no greater memories than memories of Christmas time as a child (and now, really).  When I begin to think about Christmas as a child, I can almost transform back and smell the sweet smelling homemade cookies, the glistening ornaments, the mountains of gifts on Christmas morning---I have some great memories and will eternally cherish each one sacredly.

What a great time of year to implement some Montessori in your home, if you have not yet. No matter what holiday you and your celebrate....just apply it accordingly.  Here are some ideas!

1.  Let your little ones help decorate!  I have the fondest memories of my and all my siblings decorating our Christmas tree!  We loved it!  And everyday while we still had the tree standing, we took such pride in our hard work.

2.  If you bake, let your little ones help with kitchen duties!  While I am not the greatest baker, my mom always included us in making yummy personalized goodies for our teachers, babysitters, and neighbors!  We had a blast!

3.  Teach your little ones the value in the season.  The holiday season is not all about gifts and receiving the biggest and the brightest ---it is a season about love, gratitude, and peace.  Donate to a charity, spend time with your elderly neighbors, volunteer at a homeless kitchen and in turn, help your children learn the true meaning of this much anticipated season.

Until next time,


The Silent Journey

Hey everyone!  It has been an amazing and exhilarating couple of weeks at Weinacker's!  As I sit down at my desk this morning, I am engulfed with such sweet memories over the last couple of weeks.  It is such an honor to have the opportunity to work with such great teachers, children, families, administration!

Despite all the wonderful things we had going on at all of our schools my favorite was the one that we had last night at our Hillcrest school, The Silent Journey with Amy Henderson. If you have never heard of Montessori's Silent Journey or sometimes it is referred to as Montessori Journey or Montessori Experience; this is a time for parents to come into their child's Montessori environment and silently become engaged with the world around them.  The reason for this experience to be done silently is to activate all of one's senses to the best of their ability and fully engage in the presence.   The Silent Journey is meant to help parents gain a better understanding of the Montessori process and their child's developmental journey.  Everything about this experience is so beautiful and profound to me.  I believe that this experience truly helps build the bond between parent and child.  I highly recommend that if you ever get the opportunity to take part in a Silent Journey  do not pass it up!  A special thank you to all that attended, it was lovely sharing that experience with all of you.

It has been such a great couple of weeks for all of us at Weinacker's, I hope you all have also had a great couple of weeks too.  We are entering into a somewhat crazy time of the year, the holiday season, and it is easy for all of us to get wrapped up in the to-do lists, parties, and everything else in our day to day lives--I encourage everyone to take a minute and reflect on lucky we are and try to enjoy the precious time we have with all our friends and family.  Life is short, enjoy every second of it.

Until next time,


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