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Proudly providing excellence in education and child care since 1969.

            At Weinacker's Montessori we:    
                Have cozy, loving, and natural environments.
                       Build upon prior knowledge to provide individualized lessons for each child. 
                  Nurture developmentally appropriate independence from a young age.             

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The Montessori approach to learning encourages each child to reach his full potential in all areas of life.  The classroom environment contains many multi-sensory, sequential and self-correcting materials.  The materials facilitate the learning of skills and concepts.  The children are free to work at their own pace with materials they have selected from the environment. All classrooms have multi-age groupings that encourage a family-like atmosphere where learning takes place naturally and spontaneously.
How to Choose A Program That Meets The Developmental Needs Of Your Child
By John Weinacker, Weinacker’s Montessori School
When it comes to choosing a preschool, parents seem to focus their attention on several key factors. First, the school should be relatively convenient to home or work, so that drop-off and pick-up routines can be accomplished fairly easily. Second, the school should provide hours of operation that mesh with their own work and/or personal schedules—early-morning hours for parents who need to drop off children on their way to work, and/or late hours for parents who find it necessary to work late on occasion. And last, but not in any way least, the facilities should be clean and well-managed. 
If you’ve’ researched a preschool and found it satisfies all of the above requirements, you might be tempted to conclude you’ve found the school that meets your needs. And that might well be true. But what about the needs of your child?  Does that clean, well-run, conveniently located facility offer your child a learning program that meets his developmental needs?
To answer that question, you’ll want to look for a preschool that meets some or all of the following requirements that research suggests are important to a developmental approach to preschool education.
  • Classroom activities should be developmentally (or age) appropriate, which means very young children should be taught simple concepts using simple activities; slightly older children should be taught more complex concepts, etc…….
  • Activities that make up the classroom environment should, for the most part, be composed of manipulatives – activities that allow children to work with their hands. Children learn through experience and through the use of their senses. When allowed to use and refine their senses, children gain a greater understanding of the concepts being taught.
  • There should be a sense of order and organization in the classroom.  This does not mean that all the children should be sitting at a table waiting to take orders from the teacher. Instead, it suggests that the classroom provide a stable environment, one in which your child will learn to trust that his surroundings will be consistent from one day to the next, that rules will be enforced regularly and that expectations will remain the same.
  • And finally, activities should foster physical and social development as well as mental development. In short, the program should focus on developing the “whole child”. Anything less would be unfair to the needs of your child.
    One last suggestion….if you have doubts as to whether or not a particular program is right for your child, why not take him with you when you visit the school. You’ll probably be able to tell a lot about the quality and desirability of the program by the way your child reacts to the classroom.

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Marc Wamsley 09.19.2015 My daughter Isabella loves going here!
Teneshla Cook 09.01.2015 Really excited about my son starting.
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My son attended the Lake Forest location from 3 months to 14 months. I hated that we had to change schools due to moving out of state. The teachers and staff are well educated and loving. They truly want to help the children reach their potential. They are a huge reason for our son being as independent as he is. The high tuition was worth every penny. I can't put a price on peace of mind and wonderful care!
                                           ~ Tiffany Merchant

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